Attaching your shade!

Lady Luck uses a frame with a standard Australian lamp fitting, with a 30mm ring.
Please note - our shades do not fit international lamp fittings (inlcuding but not limited to Ikea lamps, European and American lamps). 

To attach your shade, simply take out the light bulb, screw off the plastic cone-like piece, put the lampshade ring over the fitting, screw the plastic piece back in place and replace the lightbulb.

Every frame is treated to prevent rust, for humid and coastal locations. Every frame is coloured white.

Contemporary Shades

The interior of the contemporary shades are lined with a high-quality white plastic that, while stiffening the fabric, allows light to penetrate and highlight the fabric.  


Silk Shades

The silk shades are made with frames that have either a drop fitting for a table lamp (b), or a ceiling fitting for a hanging light cord (a).

a)                                                    b)