Victorian Silk Shade Gallery
Lady Luck Lampshades specialises in custom made Victorian silk lampshades

Would you like a custom made silk shade? 
Please browse below for design inspiration, then 
email us to discuss your custom Victorian silk lampshade and make an appointment. 

h piece is entirely hand-sewn with materials and fabrics that ensure quality and durability. The shades can feature a variety of silk and lace, lush jacquards and brocades, as well as elegant silk fringes, tassels and beading. 

Prices start from $330 (for a 30cm wide shade)
Fittings available for table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling pendants.

Please allow a minimum of 30 days production time for all silk shades.
Receive a 10% discount if you purchase a pair of matching silk shades!

Sizes available
Table/floor lamp fits:
30cm wide See in image: 6, 9, 17
35cm wide 
40cm wide 
Ceiling pendants:
35cm wide See in image: 1, 4
40cm wide See in image: 13, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28
50cm wide 

All our shades are proudly handmade in Australia
Support handmade!
Support Australian made!

1. Carnivale
2. Carnivale3. Carnivale
4. Chocolat5. Chocolat6. Fifi
7. Fifi8. Fifi9. Silk Road
10. Silk Road11. silk Road12. Silk Road
13. Champagne14. Champagne15. Champagne
16. Champagne17. Tiger18. Tiger
19. Grace20. Grace21. Cherie Amour
22. Cherie Amour23. Roses Are Red24. Roses Are Red
25. Lacey26. Lacey27. Lacey
28. Feathers29. Feathers30. Feathers
31. Charlotte32. Charlotte33. Layla
34. Layla35. Africa36. Africa
37. Annabelle38. Annabelle39. Annabelle